I am not a professional blogger,but i have my own style of presenting posts in a unique way. “LET US ALL SHARE THE HAPPINESS”. This blog is about philosophy,places,mother nature,photography.


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  3. So happy to have found your blog. Look forward to reading more of it. I posted something very similar earlier today. One of the things I stated towards the end was that the GREATEST gift we parents can give our children is the gift of love rather than the gift of hate. I am always looking for folks that believe the way we do. It I am going to spend my time judging someone (not happening), then I would judge only by what their spirit says through their actions. There is only one race that ever mattered and that my friends, is the HUMAN race. I can not for the life of me understand why people pass hate down through the generations as if it were a bagde of honor – something to be proud of. How does one sleep peacefully at night while spreading hate during the day. How can one possibly find REAL and MEANINGFUL joy in life when they teach hate to anyone who will listen during the day? How can one call themselves a Christian and proceed to teach hate, knowing God created us in his likeness – according to the bible you claim to live by.

    Thank you for sharing this blog with us. The more we choose love over hate, the better we will make the world we live in.



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    • I love all religion and their traditions and no religion has to told to make differentiate, it is all made by people who call themselves as an intelligent. Thanks for the reading dear👍😊have a nice day

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  4. I was very happy to find this blog and read some of the posts, as well as the photographs included. Prita is able to clearly communicate valuable messages inspired purely by life, whether the splendor or the faults of the world, these posts put a new perspective in the eyes of whoever reads this blog. I am truly impressed with the content of this blog and hope to continue being a proud supporter.
    Best of luck,
    Quinn Hollows from theperceptiveteen.WordPress.com

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  8. Hi
    I really like your style.
    I propose a common project:
    You choose an artistic creation or a photo in my blog (or, if you want me to paint you a special creation, a theme).
    You write the text.
    we publish the post, at the same time – with our 2 names – on our 2 blogs.
    ok friend?

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