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(Sun Salutation)

Usually practised at sunrise,
facing the rising sun.

This exercise activates the endocrine system and chakras(the vortexes through which vital life energy – or prana is channelled) helping to build strength and flexibility.




106 thoughts on “HEALTH is WEALTH

  1. indeed this yoga is a best yoga, even if you are a lazy ass and can’t do it with sunrise than also it helps in different aspect. Just updating morning time best for as you mentioned, and any other time of a day when done at a fast pace, it is an excellent cardiovascular workout and a good way to lose weight.

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  2. My son does Olympic gymnastics and he always says stretching is the most important exercise. I have done yoga on and off all my life but your post has prompted me to start it again. Happy world yoga day and peace to all. โค

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  3. never heard of yoga day – is it thanks to you? either way, love it! #6, the one like a pushup, is the killer for me – wish I could get down as low as the man in your diagram

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    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

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