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      Usually I don’t prefer to buy vegetables, fruits from branded supermarkets/marts,i usually prefer to go to the local market to buy.

      As usual today i was gone to the local market to buy vegetables, fruits for daily use. I saw an unusual thing that is ,a person was bargaining with an old lady ,who was selling vegetables that too for just (Indian)RS 20. The person who was bargaining was wearing branded items from top to bottom. His shoes costs may be nearly around 5000+ which was from a famous branded company. 20 Rs doesn’t contribute him in making a millionaire nor the old lady. I don’t know for what reason he was bargaining but I confidently say that why the old lady was negotiating with him, she was negotiating because it is the question of survival for her. Yes that 20 Rs is surely going to contribute to her for leading a house,that amount matters for her very much.

     Bargaining is a common thing which we all do but before bargaining please see that the street vendor get satisfied for the amount what we pay.

     Here the bad situation is that we all bargain with the the small scale sellers who earn for their livelihood whereas we give tip’s, service charges, and many more charges…………. to the people who do business by sitting in a A/C room’s, without questing or bargaining with them. It’s all just because of status.

    Please don’t bargain with the street vendors especially with the handicaps,old age people and pregnant women’s. They are not doing business in the intention of buying a car, branded items, or building a house, for them it is a question of surviving/meeting necessary needs.

Note:– If possible try to buy from local market where farmers sell directly without any mediator, which will be more helpful for the farmers.


104 thoughts on “QUESTION OF SURVIVAL

  1. Everybody seems to be bargaining with the poor… nobody questions the expensive tags attached to the branded items… it is sad that a person who has the capacity to buy a short worth Rs 2000, can not pay Rs 20 per kg for vegetables… thanks for sharing

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  2. i also hate it when people bargain too much that is unnecessary while by judging by the book they look like they can afford it. i think we should know when is right or not to bargain so as not to make people’s livelihoods go down the drain

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  3. Good article. I was told I was a fool once for not barginning over a sarong in Bali. I am glad to be a fool. I know what things cost and I knew my sarong was a fraction of what I would pay at home. I got a nice sarong and the seller got a fair price. Everyone happy. Let us all work (me too) to be less greedy. ❤

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  4. Very good point, and well made. As a western visitor I am very aware that many of my compatriots feel it necessary to bargain for everything, because they have been taught that ‘that is the way in India’. Unfortunately, whilst that may be all well and good in a souvenir shop where both buyer and seller are aware that the price ‘starts’ at a ridiculously high sum, with the aim of it being bargained down a certain amount, when that overflows into the places where people are selling foodstuffs to survive, it is a tragedy.

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  5. We have a common habit. … We will bargain in local market for even a cheap item and hesitate to bargain in case while going to bigger markets and all.. I felt that such a behaviour is due to the surroundings we are in.. In large malls we hesitate to bargain because we feel that it is cheap here to bargain.. But in local market we do shows no hesitation..

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  6. Yeah.u right.bargaing is a curse for lower classes.super market is coz of western cultre while street market is useable coz waste of money is not there.other side our money become d medium of earnings of street vendor n satisfaction of we should prefer local market than supermarket.

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  7. This is too good….you are really a kind man to talk about something nobody else bothered about but is so important….there were times when I felt bargaining was fun….i mean I could test my convincing skills…but saving a few pennies would not do me much good but the same could be of great help to someone out in quest for survival…so really Thank you :))

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  8. I agree with your assessment.. In this country, we make it a habit of negotiating with street vendors without thinking about there survival. I went to an indian pow wow this past weekend and the lady I was trying to bargain with brought it to my attention. Sometimes we act without thinking about others. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for the foreseeable future my life is forever changed towards these vendors.

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  9. Wow, I never thought of it like that. Thank you for this perspective. Too often we only think of ourselves when we are bargaining and wanting to get the lowest price possible. We often forget the people we are buying from can often be small traders looking to make ends meet. Wonderful post.

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  10. I come from a society in a close Island of Cuba, its been 45 years. Living in Miami we have lots of roadside vendors, usually very old men all day in the sun to sell you lemons, water, anything not to beg.

    I must confess, I am putty in there hands, as well as the young sports teams in uniform asking for help.

    My family bullies me, they should know by now I may not have much, but I do not leave without a couple of dollars. One thing I have hardened on is the food signs. I will go and buy it.

    Guilty as charged, I admire those old men selling lemons rather then begging, my heroes.

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