If anybody knows what kind of reptile is this, please let me know.I found this when i was on my vacation.


112 thoughts on “NEW SPECIES

  1. When I looked at the photograph, I thought that you were joking, because it was for me a kind of piece of metal… But then in the comments I understand that you were serious about this species… and then I learned something new for me, because I haven’t known it… Makes me so afraid all reptiles… πŸ™‚ Thank you, have a nice day dear Pritam, Love, nia

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      • I have seen blue tailed skinks in N.C. U.S.A. when I was a kid. Saw one here where I live now also. This one is not a blue tail, but I am not sure if the blue tail is only in males or not. Be careful, the tail will come off if it is caught by it. That is part of the lizard survival plan. They regrow them later. One of my brothers used to keep lizards when we were kids. We have some funky pinkish/salmon colored tree frogs here that really sound like a bird chirping. I spent an hour one evening a few years ago hunting down the poor baby bird, just to find it was a tree frog. lol!

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  2. Thanks for liking my post”aries…”.now on ur dis post,my reply is dt may be it is a repatile bt seems as mine”s explosive thing as keeping by naxalists.i am fearing to see dt.plz tell-what is dt?

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  3. I’ve seen something similar in my back yard. The ones I see have beautiful blue tails, and they move fast. I thought they were salamanders, but after seeing this, I looked it up and realized they are skinks. Congratulations on getting the photo.

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  4. It is very … Eeeww … Hey sorry ,dont mind i dont like lizards or neone from the family., but the pic is nice, loved the way it is been clicked. Whatever let the creature be called ..

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