“Feel the joy”

In my region there is 38 to 41 degree (Β°C) that is (100.4000ΒΊF to 105.8000ΒΊF), where there is lack of drinking water for human’s.Human’s can manage somehow by paying for mineral water bottle,drinking coconut water,juice,etc………but think about animals and birds they have the only one source that is lake and river but the water in it has been already completelyΒ  dried.This problem is everywhere during summer season,many animals and birds die because lack of water.

For an instance think that if we don’t drink water for 1hr/2hr during this season we completely get dehydrated even though our body containsΒ Β  50-65% of water.

S0 this is my contribution/responsibility to take care of our nature.

Β It’s my humble request to you all people that ,please keep a bowl with water filled in it on your house terrace,which can save life of many birds.


made by me from scrap materials.


you can see the pot ,which is filled with water and hanged to the tree

I wanted to do this early summer season only butΒ  it got postponed due to my busy schedule.

Now i fell happy to see that,every morning bird’s start their journey from my house by drinking water and again in the evening they come back to have water.


123 thoughts on ““Feel the joy”

  1. Gama, that kindness surely reflects what lives in your heart. I feed them, everyday, but I will also leave a bowl of water for them also. I always have many birds behind my house of all sizes and types. Your Idea is a wonderful one! God bless!

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  3. This is soo thoughtful. All my neighbours and I do this throughout the year. The only problem is when my do goes to the Terence and finds the birds. Thankfully he doesn’t go out much during summer.
    Great job!

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  4. This is awesome. We don’t get nearly that hot where I live, but I still have water out for birds and also my honey bees demand water, as well as all the warm blooded animals we have. I don’t know if you have honey bees around you, but they need water as well during the hot seasons as they carry it to cool off the hive. Sometimes people see them around bird waterers and get upset thinking that they are swarming, but they are usually just coming to get water too. It is always interesting to see what kinds of birds we see coming to drink and bath. Also I have hummingbirds around so we feed them sugar water. They are fun, but a bit noisy!

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      • When you feed bees water or sugar water (if you feel like making it up for them as they can use it when things are not blooming to help feed them too 1:1 ratio is okay), make sure to put pebbles into the water so that they can get to the water without drowning in it. It is awesome that you are interested in caring for them also.

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  5. I was thinking of getting a birdbath thing, but I like your idea better. First of all, yours is in the shade and the water doesn’t get hot. And it adds seclusion for the birds. πŸ™‚

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  6. Gama my main man, how have yo been? That’s really cool how you help the birds out. That’s noble, thanks for the like on the new Sea World story. Please if you can leave a comment, spark the conversation. I’m curious to know how you feel about it.

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  7. That’s beyond humanity…well done! This is the season where we can accord plenty of deaths… Dogs go wild..it is so common that we forget to drink water..in such a scenario, thinking about the surrounding is really got to be appreciated.

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  8. yeah.ptitamode.it is current problem of lack d water in some areas of all world.i keep d water in a bowl for birds n a small cemented tank of water for animals.as u say,every body should follow dis comment coz like us;all creature r send on earth by God.

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  9. This is just so very sweet of you πŸ™‚

    I kept bird feeder last year but that wasn’t a proper one. Your post has inspired me to put an earthen bowl this time.
    So if a birdwatcher wants to see birds, better to let them come to you rather than the other way round eh?πŸ˜€

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  10. Yes this joy is beautiful indeed, these birds presence, their chirping all make atmosphere alive. And you get this gift for you make a gesture to feed them and keep them alive in summer.
    In our area temp goes to 50 degree sometimes, here also we keep water in earthen pot along with some edible for them in another, you can try that too.

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  11. Great Idea! I have water for birds in my yard but there is plenty of water in my area. I just like to see them come and have a drink. Hey, my water is probably fresher than the other sources anyways.

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  12. What a beautifully thoughtful gesture by you! And to share this awareness with all of us so that we may do better too!! You shall be blessed for your kindness, the birds thank you too!! Wishing you a day filled with happily chirping birds!! πŸ™‚

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  13. That’s a very kind gesture and much appreciated. There is scarcity of water in most part of India at this time of year. Even I have shared a post about Drip Watering in Terrace Gardens on my blog. Hope you like it.

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  14. In summertime in India, this is a boon for the birds. πŸ™‚ We’ve been giving water in a bowl like this and breadcrumbs on our window sil and five spiecies of birds flock and come here throughout the day. Lovely post though. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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