Live it… Love it… Enjoy it…

A man died…

When he realized it, he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in his hand.

Dialog between God and Dead Man:

God: Alright son, it’s time to go

Man: So soon? I had a lot of plans…

God: I am sorry but, it’s time to go

Man: What do you have in that suitcase?

God: Your belongings

Man: My belongings? You mean my things… Clothes… money…

God: Those things were never yours, they belong to the Earth

Man: Is it my memories?

God: No. They belong to Time

Man: Is it my talent?

God: No. They belong to Circumstance

Man: Is it my friends and family?

God: No son. They belong to the Path you traveled

Man: Is it my wife and children?

God: No. they belong to your Heart

Man: Then it must be my body

God: No No… It belongs to Dust

Man: Then surely it must be my Soul!

God: You are sadly mistaken son. Your Soul belongs to me.

Man with tears in his eyes and full of fear took the suitcase from the God’s hand and opened it…


With heartbroken and tears down his cheek he asks God…

Man: I never owned anything?

God: That’s Right. You never owned anything.

Man: Then? What was mine?

God: your MOMENTS.
Every moment you lived was yours.

Do Good in every moment
Think Good in every moment
Thank God for every moment

Life is just a Moment.

Live it…
Love it…
Enjoy it…




64 thoughts on “Live it… Love it… Enjoy it…

  1. Thanks for the reminder to have faith. I’m very much into minimalism and avoiding material idolizations. I don’t buy gifts because I would rather focus my time and energy on creating an emotional connection. Have you ever thought about gifts in this light?

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    • I also follow same concept, coz gifts what we buy is don’t last forever for an instance:-instead of giving gift to your lover ,taking him/her to the candle light dinner is better idea, those memories lasts forever no one can take it from us

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  2. Except for the “thank God” part (that mantra stands at the top of the pyramid of dis-empowerment and dis-enfranchisement of people world wide, but especially for women) it’s a pretty good little story. A self empowered individual, however, would have been holding her own bag and would have known exactly what was in it. It’s the god who would have been both shocked and shamed.

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  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if we would spent a few of our “moments” reaching out to others helping them discover moments they could cherish for a lifetime. Not a difficult task, but one that requires a kind heart.

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  4. To go through an entire lifetime without any Moments… WOW! I’ve heard about “traveling light”… but to “arrive” with an “empty suitcase”? That’s beyond sad. Your poem is a real eye-opener. I’ll be following your blog… what you have to say is too important to risk missing. PS ~ I appreciate your reading / liking my blogs.

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