Unconditional love


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This story was told by my grandpa when I was kid.

           There was a small family in a village which consists of a son and his mother, they were from poor background but his mother took care of him without any Shortage/Deficiency, she succeeded in fulfilling each and every needs by working as a maid. Somehow she managed him to grow up.
His owner,where she worked as a maid gave him a gardening job on her mother’s request but what he earned was not sufficient because he was addicted to bad habits to fulfill his habits he was ready to go any extent. Once he dreamt that if he bury his mother’s heart it will turn into gold after 20 days. So he murdered his mother ,took her heart and started running to the outskirts of a village to bury her heart, while running he felled by hitting stone, immediately an invisible voice of her mother heard to him saying that.
“go carefully my child”

There can be a bad son but there cannot be a bad mother.

Today we all are what is just because of our mother’s.Sorry i know today is not a mother’s day. Think a while that, if she had taken care of us or loved us only during children’s day, today we were not be there.

In each and every work, day, memories, stages she plays an important role.

She manages house(management)
She teaches her children’s(teacher)
She does first aid if any I’ll happens(doctor)
She is good listener(counsellor)

This list won’t end it goes on………

See how many skills does she has. No one can beat her.

Share your thoughts and lovely memories


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108 thoughts on “Unconditional love

  1. My Mother and I were the only women in our house with 6 people in it. We had to really enjoy the time together whenever my brothers and father weren’t there, as it was very precious “girl time”. My Mom taught me a lot of things some things that she didn’t even know that she was even teaching me. I understand some things about Motherhood now that I didn’t when I was young because I have raised children myself. This was a very nice and thoughtful blog entry. Good going! It is appropriate to appreciate ones parents at any time.

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  2. Mom I haven’t words to tell how I’m grateful
    I can’t forget you
    I have kids
    I feel always I’m yours
    I make you my cover phone so I can pray that God bless u always
    With years I know how y can give and forgive
    I know it’s God hands
    Heaven is yours
    U deserve it
    God say it
    Under your foot
    I hope take
    Love u mom

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  5. What a sweet and tender story, especially with your grandfather passing it on. I had a beloved mother who fostered me. She wasn’t my birth mother, but I love her to this day, like she was.

    I may not have always been the model daughter, but she nurtured and gave me guidance and direction unconditionally.

    Mothers of all kinds are to be cherished. It’s no easy task to train up a child. You never know if the child is getting it or not. Still, this is how we exist. This is creation. And love is all there is.

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  6. Your blog post made me miss my mother so much. I wish I was strong enough to tell her how I missed her, how thankful I am to have her in my life. I hope someday I can tell her personally.

    Great blog post. Keep blogging!

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  7. Wow….and, I say that with reverence…so poignant….so moving….my mother has been a woman of faith all my life (and before that) and I would not be me without her….the longer I live, the greater capacity I have for understanding how profound her love for me is–and mine for her…God bless mothers…
    Thank you for sharing…your offerings are so beautiful! 🙂

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  8. I, too, came from a family where parents gave all their energies to us to give us opportunities to become whatever we chose. There was great sacrifice, yet great pleasure in their acts of love. I will always be thankful for their dedication and love and honor them by sharing their lessons with the world.

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  9. Omg !! You won’t believe even my dadu used to tell us the same story , with a quote saying “putra kuputra bhawati Mata Kumata Na Bhawati ” , you brought the memories alive. Thank you thankyou so much for sharing this one

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  10. you said it.. it’s not only on mother’s day, we need to think about her…
    in fact you had guessed my Malayalam post on mother’s day and liked it. and you know I was sharing a similar message..

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