“Beware” History repeats


30 year old man decided to admit his father to the old age home, hence he took him one of the old age home in the city. While making formality procedures his wife called him and gave some instructions, the instruction was “Tell the management people that do not allow him to go home during any festivals or functions” the conversation was ended and he continued his formality work. During his formality work ,the father was talking closely with one of the management person as if he knows him from many years. Son observed this silently.

After completion of all formalities, he separately informed his wife’s instruction to the management people. While leaving old age home he asked the person to whom his father was talking, there conversation was like this “you and my father were talking so closely as if you people know each other from many years”

The person smiled and replied:-

“30 years back he came here to adopt a child”

Son’s eye’s got filled with tears.

Beware of your children’s they will be watching all your activities towards your parents. Who knows they may follow your footsteps.



91 thoughts on ““Beware” History repeats

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  2. A great story. We must remember that life’s experiences can be challenging and unpleasant; this does not mean we should succumb to what’s easiest to do rather we should choose what’s right to do. We too, (if fortunate enough) will grow old.

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  3. A baby adopted, and in return—presumably not realizing that he’s an adopted son, the (ex) baby dump the helping hands to the very institution he came from.

    A good and touching wake-up call, indeed!

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  4. There was a government institution that was built many years ago as an orphanage. I was told this story about a very old man I met there: Brought there as a new born infant. He grew up there and reached an age where no one was interested in adopting him. At some point in time the use of the property changed to a place for the mentally insane. The now adolescent had no where to go and so to qualify to stay on, he was now labeled mentally ill. He matured into adulthood as a patient there. Years later, the place was designated a home for the elderly, and again the man stayed on. When I met him, he was a very old man who had lived his entire life there.

    Excellent post. Thank you for sharing. 🌵

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  5. Wow. Very thought-inspiring. A child can’t know the reasons behind its parents’ history-some things my parents didn’t share that I had to dig for and it allowed me insight that helped me make decisions on how to handle them.

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